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This is the future of wind energy. Check out these designs.

February 11, 2011

What’s Next In Wind Energy Harvesting Systems? – Ecofriend.

The folks over at ECOfriend put together an awesome blog-post explaining some of the most innovative wind turbine designs to come around well, …ever. Check it out.


As we know it:

The vitality of our very existence in the near future is preeminently defined by our optimum usage of renewable sources of energy. Essential among them is the wind energy, an all important energy source in itself as clearly shown by the statistics that affirms production of 58,982MW of power in 2005 through wind energy which was less than 1 percent of global energy. However, by 2008, eight percent of Europe’s electricity was derived from wind, and wind power generation in the United States has increased 13 fold from what it was in 2000. Globally 2 percent of electricity production now comes from wind-powered generators, with capacity increasing exponentially in recent years.

Need for a change:

Well, even clean energy producing wind turbines have their ‘bad days’. They are comparatively costly and can easily get damaged by natural calamities, like severe storms or extreme lightning. Moreover, they are susceptible to causing noise pollution, striking almost 50-60 decibels on an average. The horizontal axis ones are criticized for not being ‘bird friendly’ and at last but not the least – some people find wind turbines downright ugly!

What’s in the future?

Unconventional Turbine Designs:

1. Aerogenerator Wind Turbine:

aerogenerator turbine_69

What’s innovative?
Aerogenerator is made by the British firm Windpower. The gigantic V shaped structure of 144 meters is mounted offshore, and is capable of generating 9 megawatts of electricity – which is 3 times the conventional output. It can also generate power at more than 110mph wind speed.

The Impact:
The vertical axis of the Aerogenerator can make it possible to generate power from all directions, substantially cutting the expenses on building newer mechanism. Additionally it can also generate power in storms.

2. Helix Wind’s Savonious Turbine:

wind turbine_179

What’s innovative?
Helix Wind, a company known for designing efficient wind turbines, have introduced 2kW medium wind system and 5kW System and these turbines are claimed to generate much less noise and are safer for birds and bats than any other existing wind turbine. The noise that the turbine dubbed Savonius makes is similar to the noise generated when wind passes through a tree or a house.

See the rest of the ideas here: What’s Next In Wind Energy Harvesting Systems? – Ecofriend.





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