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EARTHTEC. 100% frog-certified clothing.

October 18, 2010
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EARTHTEC – Our Story.

I found a little clothing company today that offers great looking outerwear that is produced using recycled plastic bottles and such. Great looking stuff and even better for the environment.


At its heart, our story is pretty simple.

We are outdoor people. Skiers, hikers, trail runners, kayakers, extreme picnickers. Our favorite place is Earth. We’ve been known to hug a tree or two. We’re into green.

We are also clothing people. Our team has been in the apparel industry for years, helping to lead the way with cutting-edge recycled and sustainable textiles, innovating with fresh designs and smart manufacturing techniques. We eat technical. We breathe comfort. We live fashion.

Put all of that together, and you have Earthtec, a group of people who love helping you look good and perform well in clothes that make the planet happier.

From helping little old ladies cross streets to helping us all leap greener…

As a kid, our company founder and CEO was a hardcore Boy Scout, into camping, wilderness survival, and community service projects. The perfect background for someone who’d grow up and start turning plastic bottles into lifestyle clothing. Dennis Randall talks about Team Earthtec.


Want to help keep plastic out of the world’s landfills? Using some revolutionary technology, we’re recycling wasted plastic bottles into functional, affordable, and responsible apparel.
» Learn more.


When your jackets and shirts and hoodies and yoga pants are wearing our frog, you know you’re wearing something that’s better for the environment. So look for the frog and leap greener.
» Learn more.


Come see how our commitment to eco-friendly and renewable fabrics such as recycled PET, organic cotton, and natural wool is changing what it means to dress for planetary success.» Learn more.



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