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New York JETS fans: Your team’s going green with solar!

September 30, 2010
NY Jets 40th anniversary Super Bowl III patch....
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NFL fans, heads up. Looks like the start of something good for us. You see if the teams can save money on their electric bills maybe they could pass the saving onto us in the form of lower ticket prices. What’s that you say? The owners would never do that you say? Their all really greedy? Sigh. Oh, well at least it would work in theory. Hey maybe someday.

The New York Jets have entered into a partnership with Yingli Solar to make their headquarters just a little more green.

Yingli has installed more than 3,000 solar panels at the NFL team’s HQ and training facility in Florham Park, NJ. The new installation is expected to provide 750,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity to the facility each year, as well as reduce CO2 emissions by 540 metric tons. The Jets will also be saving quite a bit of money, with the savings expected to be in the five figure range.

“The New York Jets are excited to be at the forefront of incorporating solar energy into the NFL. When we decided to add solar energy to the Atlantic Health Training Center, going green was the catalyst,” said Thad Sheely, New York Jets’ Executive Vice President of Finance and Stadium Development. “This project is the first of many green initiatives on behalf of the team, and we are proud to be green in color and also in deed. We chose the right partners and are thrilled about what this installation will do for our organization, our community, and hopefully for inspiring the entire league.”

The new solar set-up is largest of its kind amongst the 32 NFL teams. Installed in June, the installation actually began providing power for the Jets eight weeks later.

NY Jets Go Green With Solar Panel Installation – Gearlog.

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