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What every guy that shaves can do for the earth.

September 22, 2010
A unused razor blade. Gilette Mach 3. Composed...

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Last week I had an epiphany. I was at the mirror shaving when I looked down at my cartridge razor fairly closely and looked at what the darn thing was made of. A combination of plastic and metal that I thought would be really hard to separate in order to recycle. I was right. As it turns out those little cartridge blades are not accepted at most recycle places and it got me to thinking there has got to be a better way to shave while at the same time not have these blades clogging the landfill. It turns out there is a better way.

I started surfing the internet looking for environmentaly friendly ways to better perform this chore and as it turns out the way our fathers and grandfathers shaved was indeed better. Better for the environment and better for our faces by the way!

Remember the two sided razor blade? A double edged razor blade was the one that went into those safety razors dad had used all the way up to the 1980’s. They don’t have any plastic and the blade is made entirely of stainless steel. Throw them away and they simply rust away. Good, earth happy stuff.

In addition the cost of those new fangled hyper blades are not cheap. In fact I found out that they are most likely the most shoplifted item in the world. So armed with my new knowledge I went to the store to see if they sold any of those all steel blades and what do you know! For a pack of 10 they did indeed sell them for a whopping $1.50! So I took the plunge and bought some. Also picked up a nice shave brush and cream online and started off on my newfound adventure.

Once I had all the items I found out after my first shave that one must not rush this shaving ritual. Safety razor is a misnomer. Actually cut myself the first few times I shaved but it became less and less due in large part to taking my time and dialing down the setting on my 1968 Gillette slim adjustable razor. Setting 1 seems to be working so much better that 5 at least for my beard type.

So all in all they chore of shaving has turning into something better and earth friendly and I look forward to trying out new shave stuff as well.

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  1. September 23, 2010 1:57 am

    start shaving once a month…like i do for years. and drink tap water only.

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