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Time To Think Made In America

May 19, 2010
The United States
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It is estimated that there are approximately 293 million people currently living in the United States and if each one would change only $20 a month in their spending from imported products and instead purchased American made products, it might well create as many as 5 million new jobs.

Certainly buying American made products would make a huge impact. There are a myriad of high-quality USA made products available, from small manufacturers and artisans throughout the United States, that present us with an incredible selection of home and garden décor and gifts.

Here are just a few of the products available including such items as designer pottery, stained glass panels, Native American objects, wooden crafts, dinnerware and kitchenware, historical based items, crystal figurines, wrought iron products, brass bookends, area rugs, Southwestern watches, historical clothing and of course flags that include Civil War, Military as well as colonial flags! American ingenuity and creativity is alive and well!!

For instance, crystal figurines make excellent gifts and they are made so as to reflect all the colors of the Earth. These artistically designed pieces are hand finished by experienced craftsmen, and are available in many themes, such as animals, birds, butterflies, flowers, and many others.

Superb elegantly designed pottery has not only vibrant colors deliberately calculated to complement or contrast with your existing color schemes, but also offer simple shapes as well as sporting random Raku crazing. The choices range from fetish pots to volcano bowls and are great conversation pieces.

Nothing can compare with the beauty and warmth created in a room when ornamented by the unparalleled brilliance of stained glass. There is a huge selection of assorted colors, patterns and sizes that will not only match any décor, but be absolutely stunning additions to any room in your home.

Authentic Native American traditional art is available including Hopi Kachina doll art, Southwestern pottery, Southwestern sand art, Southwestern jewelry, and even Southwestern artifacts. Many are one of a kind, and quite a few are actually signed by the artist. Also available are amazing Southwestern sterling silver turquoise watches that are fashioned by Navajo, Zuni and Hopi Indians, a really exceptional gift idea.

Traditional wooden crafts include exceptional clocks, memorial flag boxes and pet memorials boxes built by those who truly understand how to work wood! You must closely inspect the workmanship of these items to appreciate the excellence of each craftsman.

An incredible array of dinnerware can be found as well as kitchenware in 12 different designs that have 40 different matching pieces in many different patterns. These are made and hand painted in the USA. Each piece is 100% lead free, ovenproof, dishwasher safe as well as microwave safe too!

Historically based items for sale range from Civil War uniforms to different replicas some from the Western parts of our history. They even feature some leather items and knives in this selection of historical gift items.

Wrought iron products make excellent gifts. Here you will find assorted items all made of wrought iron, ranging from clocks, wine racks, magazine racks, bookends, and kitchen and garden items that will easily fit in any décor.

Themed bookends can be found for either home or office featuring assorted professions, children’s, nautical, animals and historically related characters. Each is a work of art, considering the detail involved in these bookends. There are even hard to find kinds, such as bull and bear ones! Each is carefully hand polished.

Indoor Outdoor Area rugs are available that will fit in many areas of your home, from patio to playroom. Expertly made to last for years, they are even sun UV resistant, and will not fade. Cleaning is incredibly easy. Many different sizes and designs are available to match any décor.

So “Think American” when you next go shopping for a gift or décor items for your home or garden, just one purchase can make a difference.

About The Author:
Beth Mark enjoys sharing home decoration ideas with her readers. These and many other items can be found online at Made In America Decor is always adding to their collections and everything in the store is guaranteed to be “Made In America”!! The store owners say that it is their goal to eventually offer products from every State in the Union.
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