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April 2, 2010
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Gas and electricity prices: Going green will cost.

Gas and electricity prices: Going green will cost.

For many years experts have been advising us to prepare ourselves for the green revolution. In the long run it will hopefully save us a considerable amount of money but people were unsure of the short term costs and what exactly we would have to do to start seeing these potential savings come to fruition.

However, these questions have recently been answered and it looks as though we may have to speculate to accumulate. The idea is to switch away from the traditional methods using fossil fuels and move onto wind, tidal and solar power.

Experts and gas suppliers have estimated that the new programme will cost around £100 million and as a result, customers may see higher bills for 5 years from 2015. Now this gives customers about 7 years to prepare and the government will be offering financial incentives for people to “become green”. Roofs fitted with solar panels are required of customers looking to go green and the government has set targets of 7 million people over the next 12 years, but as there are currently only 90,000 these targets look somewhat ambitious.

Customers are always looking for ways to find cheap electricity and this new programme could be the answer over the long term but whether customers are willing to pay more during those 5 years is yet to be seen. A price increase is nothing new for customers as they recently saw a 15% increase followed by warnings from the leading suppliers that another increase is likely due to the increase in price of oil.

Prices are likely to continue to rise so customers should seriously consider joining the green revolution. Seeing an increase in electricity bills for 5 years but reaping the benefits afterwards are likely to persuade customers to switch. The programme is already under way with 2,000 of the 3,500 planned onshore wind turbines operational.

With the potential to make savings during a time where we are all looking to save for a rainy day. Well those clouds are gathering and customers are urged to consider their options, find the best deals on gas and electricity online where you can compare the leading suppliers.

Switching providers can help reduce your gas and electricity bills. Another good way of finding cheap electricity and gas is by shopping online and compare all the utilities providers with minimal stress and hassle.

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