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How Magnetic Motors Operate To Provide Your Home With Unlimited Energy by Karl Landry

March 16, 2010
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With the rising energy costs more homeowners are interested in alternative sources of energy. The number one form of alternative energy comes in solar energy. However, magnetic energy is also becoming a more reliable source of energy for homeowners to use to cut down on their energy costs.

Magnetic motors are referred to as devices that generate magnetic energy. Not only do these energy efficient devices have the capability to lower your energy expenses, but they can totally take you off the grid.

Repelling and attracting forces of magnets is how these magnificent magnetic motors operate. Magnets are aligned in a particular way inside the motors, and when the attracting and repelling forces of the magnets are started it will create magnetic waves that will drive rotational motion producing usable energy.

Inside a magnetic motor there is a charging process which converts into magnetic energy within the six coils of copper wire, the copper tube supporting the coils, and the copper coated steel wires wrapped around the magnets. This charging process is produced while the six coil connection wires are making contact and setting up their alternating magnetic poles.

While current is drawn from the six coils, it will set up magnetic poles that are a response between the rotor of the magnets and the coils. This response can cause the major shaft to be rotated by 12 permanent magnets meanwhile they attract and create a release field.

The magnetic fields will need to be sustained throughout their spin motion. This may seem complex to some, however this technology is simple enough to learn so you can put together one of these energy efficient devices on your own. As a matter of fact, putting together a magnetic motor is simpler to build than a solar power system or a wind power generator.

Also, these energy efficient devices will run and continue to do so for around 400 years. 400 years is the life span for the magnets in the motor to create energy.

This is the reason why a lot of homeowners believe these energy efficient devices to be a source of endless supply of energy. One of the hugest reasons why homeowners are interested in magnetic motors is for the reason that they do not require any external source of energy such as sun light or wind to run and generate energy.
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