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Beds – a Guide to Sound Sleep

March 14, 2010
A pillowtop mattress (U.S.
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A rich man may or may not sleep sounder than a poor man. One things for sure that he certainly sleeps softer! For his beds

are made of the best available materials. And if he chooses his mattresses wisely, he is certainly going to sleep sounder than a poor man. Here’s a guide to selecting the right mattress that will ensure a sound and soft sleep.

Cost is not always a factor while buying a mattress. Materials are. A $350 mattress may be more comfortable than one costing $1000. Expensive pocket spring mattresses with springs responding independently of one another which may result in uneven pressure on the bed leading to body aches.

Coil count and wire gauge are two important factors to determine the quality of mattresses. Lower the gauge, thicker the wire and firmer the bed. The opposite holds true for coils, higher the number of coils, better the mattress. Although thicker wires can, to a certain extent compensate for fewer coils.

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You can test your mattresses by lying on them beside your sleeping partner. This way you can ensure whether your mattress supports both of you independently or not. One’s movements should not cause discomfort to the other and you should roll over towards each other.

Waterbed mattresses are known to be helpful in cases of back problems. Where as Air bed mattresses having electronically controlled air pockets adjust to each person individually are also a good option as many of them come in portable forms.

The dense foam in viscoelastic and latex mattresses is energy absorbing, heat sensitive and self-adjusts to body mass and temperature. Allergy and dust-mite resistant, this mattress doesn’t need to be turned and costs any where from $900 to $3000.

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Polyurethane foam mattresses are also self adjusting but they need to be placed on a bed or box springs

The weight of the mattress is also important. One that is too bulky will create problems while cleaning while a mattress that’s too light will tend to slide on the bed leading to discomfort.

Custom designs aside, the most common dimensions are: 39×75 in. (99×190 cm); Twin/Single, , 39×80 in. (99×203 cm) Twin Extra-long; 54×75 in. (137×190 cm); Full/Double, 60×80 in. (152×203 cm); Queen, 76×80 in. (193×203 cm); Eastern King, 72×84 in. (183×213 cm). California King.

All in all, one should select a mattress not according to what others advice but according to what he or she prefers. Otherwise, getting up in the morning can also become a painstaking task.

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