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Cool Spring Ideas – Solar Garden Lights by: Kriss Bergethon

March 12, 2010

Solar garden lights are both a fun and practical way to go green. They can be attractive accents to your yard or garden; indeed, they can beautify any place you could choose to put them, on your lawn, deck, patio, or in a garden path. These lights, also called photovoltaic or PV lights, are highly versatile, and can be installed anywhere, in a variety of styles – hanging lights, spotlights (for highlighting a piece of sculpture, a particular decoration, or just illuminating the address on your house), or even swimming pool lights.

Great Looking and Practical

Not only does PV lighting add a touch of elegance to your landscaping, it is also a way to increase safety and security. A well-lit yard can deter thieves; a well-illuminated walkway can prevent falls or other accidents, and be a help to guests coming to your home at night. Swimming pool lights will ensure that people, especially children, don’t accidentally fall into the water.

Save Green, Go Green

Solar lighting is both cost-efficient and eco-friendly. With just a simple solar panel and a few LEDs, you can have a very low-maintenance and low-cost lighting system that draws free energy from the sun. The only maintenance cost would be replacement batteries for each light from time to time. Solar rechargeable batteries are designed to last up to a 1000 nights or more; this would certainly be easy on your pocketbook to replace them only every 2-3 years!

Easy to Use

Outdoor garden lights work in a very simple fashion. A photocell in the solar light can be adjusted so that it faces toward the sun throughout the day and collects solar energy. When the sun sets, a built-in photo sensor turns on the light. For the first hours, their light is intensely bright, and becomes less radiant as the night wears on. The solar lights will remain lighted until the battery runs dry of the solar energy it stored during daylight hours, or until sunrise.

Installation Is a Snap

These solar lights are also easy to install, as there is no wiring involved. The only reason you might need wiring is if you really wish to place the lights in an area that is heavily shaded in daytime; then you would need to install a solar panel and run wiring to the lights. Otherwise, it is a matter of placing the lights where they will be exposed to sunshine most of the day.

Unfortunately, you also need to consider that thieves may like your lights so well they steal them. A way of deterrence is to permanently affix your solar patio lights or deck lights to that surface. That isn’t so hard if you know how to use a screwdriver!

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