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Making A Garden Greenhouse Of Your Own Has Incredible Advantages

March 7, 2010

The advantages of a small garden greenhouse are immeasurable as they are the best way to ensure a supply of fresh plants at very manageable costs throughout the year. To further cut the construction costs, the option of homemade greenhouses allows for the use of materials readily found in your home for the same supply of fresh flowers, fruits, herbs and vegetables.

After deciding to build a garden greenhouse, you should collect all salvaged materials that will help you actualize your plan. Greenhouses vary from small sized that accommodate a few plants to medium sized and larger ones in which you will grow all kinds of plants. Small greenhouses are especially handy when the space available is small too but which should not deter you from putting up one. Pots, bowls and used bottles are the simplest form of greenhouses. Idle buildings in your compound can also be turned into greenhouses with a few extra touch ups to create the ideal environment for the plants you intend to grow.

The same environmental control considerations apply even when making a homemade greenhouse. As with other greenhouses, the focus is on providing the most ideal environment for the plants you want to grow. As a result, the greenhouses should have the appropriate ventilation, circulation, heating and cooling systems, as well as be in a position to receive maximum sunlight exposure. Water supply should also be adequate. These greenhouses largely depend on solar energy for heating as they are often much smaller than commercial greenhouses for which heating systems are installed.

Garden greenhouse designs give you the opportunity to explore your creativity. Besides, you will be in a position to include all your personal ideas and incorporate your gardening needs as you make your own greenhouse. The greenhouses can either be free-standing or lean-to greenhouses that could be attached to existing structures, the main house or the garage. Even if homemade, your greenhouse ought to be attractive enough to match the overall look of your garden and house.

For a small garden greenhouse, there might not be space for benches and extra room for storage of gardening tools. The larger designs may have this space which makes your gardening very convenient as everything you need, will always be within reach in your greenhouse. The key is to maximize on the available space by growing as many plants within it as possible. You will therefore need to figure out how to position your plants to achieve maximum use of space.

Of course it’s easy to find many diverse ideas on the internet that will provide you with information on how to best utilize whatever available space you have to the different designs and sizes applicable. The biggest advantage of greenhouses is that there is no limitation of what season it is and so you can grow all kinds of plants at whatever time of year you choose. Homemade greenhouses provide an overall cost effective way of having low construction costs in most cases as well as a continual supply of your choice of plants. You will therefore not have to deal with rising costs of grocery since you will have an abundant supply all year round.

About the Author

Dave Pierson is a master gardener and professional nurseryman who has been teaching others how to build hobby greenhouses for over 15 years. To learn more about how to build your own garden greenhouse, please visit Our FREE ‘Build Your Own Greenhouse’ mini-course is a tremendous resource for anyone serious about building their own personal greenhouse.

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